We are a hands-on golf design firm dedicated to the creation of quality, distinct and exciting golf courses worldwide.



We believe in employing natural artistry when creating golf features. This philosophy helps us create distinct golf course landscapes; ones that are full of personality, character and beauty.

We strive to create strategic 'dilemmas' to promote skillful and thoughtful play. We believe in using variety -- the timeless soul of the game -- to give the golf course individuality, character, charm, and intrigue. The golfing experience should be fun and enjoyable, no matter what ones' skill level, and provide players with an opportunity to match their mental agility with physical ability.


We are believers that golf is a sport, a game, a pastime, and a hobby all wrapped into one.   It is a match against yourself, your opponent, and the natural features of the golfing landscape.  The role of the golf course architect is to provide an arena for such a match to take place.  We believe the key to great golf course architecture is to marry natural interest with shot making variety.  A golf journey should test and entice a player to choose their own adventure, and to make deliberate decisions along the way.  With all the ups and downs, and twists and turns, this journey should be a rollercoaster ride of emotions full of surprises, challenges, triumphs, and defeats.

We believe the allure of golf is executing difficult or creative shots in a time of most need. 

A good design will ask the golfer to think, make decisions, and take calculated risks throughout a round.  It is 'the thrill of accomplishment' and the satisfaction of a great shot that gets so many hooked on the game in the first place -- it's what makes the game FUN! 

That's why at Integrative Golf Design we believe it is the golf course architect's duty to instill not just the personality and strategy into the design, but the potential for 'fun' too. If all these elements are used skillfully, we believe a golf course has a much better chance at becoming interesting, enjoyable, and memorable to play.  Such a course will not become dated, boring, or repetitive and will continue to tempt and challenge players round after round. 

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