We are a hands-on golf design firm dedicated to the creation of quality, distinct and exciting golf courses worldwide.


About Us

Integrative Golf Design is a hands-on golf course architecture firm dedicated to the creation of fun, exciting and enjoyable golf courses worldwide.

The company was founded on principles rooted in quality craftsmanship, natural artistry, strategic character, and attention to detail. Our mission with each golf project we undertake is to create an authentic golf experience; one that appeals to the mind, excites the senses, and caters to the soul.


Rising from the wake of the 2008 recession, golf design practices around the world are experiencing a quiet revival.  There is now a growing school-of-thought that believes distinct, personable, and hands-on golf course architecture is the way of the future.  At Integrative Golf Design we believe this to be true.

We believe this emerging hands-on model is far more cost effective for prospective clients, and creates a much more impressive golf product.  It simply relies on a few knowledgably and experienced professionals who are capable of personally managing and implementing the design from start to finish.   This means the designers are actually on-site more days than not -- and not just overseeing the project's progress, but personally creating the golf course features day-in and day-out.

This is where Integrative Golf Design delivers.  Simply put, we integrate the design process with the construction process in one streamlined and concerted effort.

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In our opinion, the shaping component of golf construction is just an extension of the design process -- and probably the most critical aspect too.  Working from concept, rather than a rigid set of plans, we prefer having creative latitude which gives us the freedom and flexibility to make improvements to the work.  This creative freedom allows us to get the absolute best out of every golf feature we create.

We are passionate about personally implementing our own design ideas in the field so nothing is lost in translation from paper to dirt. In our experience, having skilled yet versatile leadership on-site daily is the key to running a smooth and successful project.  It not only allows us to pivot, react, evolve, and edit our ideas in real-time, but allows us to add that extra layer of subtlety and creative detail.

Whether exploring a new golf course development or improving an established golf course, please consider Integrative Golf Design and discover how we can help your project reach its full creative potential.

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